The Last of Us
There are a couple of 800-pound gorillas on my list that are likely to pop up in more than a few “best of” lists this year, so I might as well kick things off with one such title. Naughty Dog has been one of my favorite developers since the Crash Bandicoot days and only cemented their warm place in my heart with the Uncharted series throughout this most recent console cycle.

The Last of Us, though, is a beast of an entirely different color, offering elements similar to my beloved Uncharted series while forging a completely new path full of horror, stealth, gut-wrenching drama and some of the most memorable characters to ever appear in a video game.
Joel and Ellie's quest across a post-apocalyptic United States is one that will stick with me for some time to come, remembered as an absolute showpiece of how video games can rise above the noise and tell their own amazing stories worthy of discussion and debate.

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