Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut
I finally had the opportunity to play Deadly Premonition this year, bent on finding out why everyone refused to shut up about this game when it released on the Xbox 360 a couple of years back. With the Director's Cut releasing on the PS3 this year, I found myself drawn into one of the most bizarre gaming worlds ever crafted that, just like the Twin Peaks burg that inspired it, somehow felt perfectly natural in its absurdity since it permeated from every facet of the game.

Of all the games that made my list this year, this one probably had the biggest impact due to its unflinching dedication to its street-rat-crazy story, cast of characters, mechanics, etc. It's hard to describe any one component of the game as “good,” –the shooting is rough, the driving is slippery, the graphics are rubbish—but because of how it all blends together so seamlessly into a fun, lengthy and campy-as-hell wonderland, I have no trouble calling the entire package great.

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