BioShock Infinite
BioShock Infinite is the one game from 2013 I'm just about ready to stop talking about, only because it garnered so much conversation in the first place. Whenever chatting with friends and occasional strangers about video games this year, BioShock Infinite was always on the tip of everyone's tongue, completely derailing the conversation to delve into the lovely characters, the beautifully realized world of Columbia, the twisting and turning plot and, of course, that little bit of delicious fan service stowed away in the final hour of play.

I seem to be one of those rare gamers who actually quite enjoyed the shooting in Infinite. The mixture of gunplay and tonics blended together smoothly for me, and a lot of those big setpiece shootouts had me sitting on the edge of my seat until the final enemy crumbled to the ground.

More importantly, Infinite was fully deserving of all of that conversation that followed. Maybe it didn't pull everything off in the most elegant of fashions, but its themes and complex narrative were the type that absolutely demanded discussion.

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