Tekken Tag Tournament 2
This is one of the more underrated titles for the Wii U. The system doesn't have many fighting games made available for it, so it was a real treat seeing Bandai Namco make Tekken Tag Tournament 2 available for the Wii U. The game brings over all the same gameplay elements and characters from the Xbox 360 and PS3 version, but with some added bonuses.

The game on the Wii U offers up some amazing new customization features, allowing users to recreate some of their favorite Nintendo characters with special accessories and items. This feature enabled players to turn some of their favorite Tekken characters into Nintendo-themed characters such as Bowser, Luigi or even Link from the Legend of Zelda.

In addition to special character themed customization, special modes were also included in the game, too, such as the Mushroom Battle Mode. All the additional content, customization, features, GamePad support and game modes made Tekken Tag Tournament 2 an easy buy for the Wii U.

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