2K Games today confirmed the rumored new content coming to BioShock. Both the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows versions receive the new downloadable content starting today. The upgrade includes new Plasmids and Tonics, some interface tweaks, and even a few extra Achievements. The widescreen debacle has also been fixed in the title update.

Players will now have access to two levels of the following Plasmids: Sonic Boom allows players to hurl enemies around as if they’re using the force; EVE saver enables you to use less EVE when utilizing Plasmids; Vending Expert reduces prices at vending machines; Machine Buster increases the damage a player does to cameras, bots and turrets.

The new achievement points are for the Xbox 360 players who like things rough. One of my biggest problems with BioShock was how easily VitaChambers could be used to defeat even the toughest of levels. With the new “hard” mode you can earn some “Brass Balls” by beating the entire game without reviving once. For your efforts you’ll get a well deserved 100 Gamerscore points.

You can get the PC patch now, and the Xbox 360 patch will automatically download the next time you pop the game in. Downloadable content can be found in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, as usual.

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