Talk about an “Ouch” moment for gamers. In an interview with Now Gamers about the new First Strike DLC, CoD Black Ops Community Manager Josh Olin had some harsh words for gamers in response to their feelings about the latest Call of Duty game.

In the interview with NowGamer, when asked what the biggest problem was in the gaming industry at the moment, Olin said this:
It’s a creative industry – the most creative form of entertainment in existence. Too many developers who try new things are getting burned by “pundits” and angry entitled fans who look to be contrarian, sometimes simply for the sake of being contrarian. The only thing this attitude aims to achieve is stunt that creativity and innovation even further, which is something that no rational gamer looking to be entertained would want to do.

I’m not sure where the creativity rant came from but there are a ton of PS3 and PC gamers who didn’t expect to spend $60 on a game that was littered with entertainment-inhibiting bugs. There’s a big difference between complaining about innovation and complaining about a game that should work right according to the money that was paid for it. And I’m not even sure where he gets the “innovation” topic from…it wasn’t like Black Ops did anything new whatsoever in a genre that has seen far more original games like BioShock, Operation 7, Crysis and Halo Reach, all of which kind of run circles around Call of Duty in the innovation factor. The gaming community showed a lot support for innovative indie titles such as Flower, Shank and Limbo, so Olin misses the goal on that one.

Anyway, remember Gamers’ Voice? Yeah, well they think there needs to be further steps made in communication between the developers and the gaming community and I couldn’t agree more. It really does seem like once you get inside the Activision publishing dome you lose a sense of reality…heck, the marketing and developing tactic for Guitar Hero was proof of that.

Gamers’ Voice Chairman Paul Gibson had a retort for Olin’s brash undertaking of what I’d assume to be damage control, saying…
“Gamers’ Voice does not expect games to be bug free and we recognise it's not possible, particularly in light of the size and technical complexity of modern games. What we do expect are games with all the functions of the game working as advertised and that gamers are not treated as beta testers for a game they have paid for.
We don't have unreasonable expectations, but such game breaking bugs as those that everyone is aware of in Black Ops are unacceptable, particularly given how long the game has been out”

Anyone with a lick of common sense couldn’t disagree with the above statements. Gamers who pay $60 for a game don’t know if it will be bugged to the point of unplayability or not and no one pays $60 for a game to have to wait several months before being able to play the advertised features. That’s just a load of BS.

You can learn more about Gamers’ Voice by hitting up their Official Website You can check out the rest of the interview with Josh Olin over at Now Gamers.
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