A lot of people were shocked to find out that Gamigo had picked up the publishing license for Black Prophecy and that the game would join the MMO publisher’s free-to-play line-up. Well, the shock continues as a new trailer featuring all the game’s functions and features are quickly put on display that should get space-sim fans all tingly and amped inside.

The new trailer shows off the game’s first and third-person camera angles, some of the massive space stations that players can visit, as well as what some of the player-versus-player combat will be like. Added to all the standard functionality of a new-age space shooter, Black Prophecy sports crafting, ship upgrades and tons of customization features. This is all toppled on top of a player-driven economy, with buying, selling and trading working as the backbone to the game’s multiplayer community.

You can check out the new trailer for Black Prophecy below or visit the Official Website to learn more about it.

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