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With only two days left until the official release of World of Warcraft’s Official addon expansion pack, Burning Crusade, Blizzard has announced that there will be a big to-do about the expansion pack at the release. What’s more is that there will be limited editions with autograph signings from the lead designer.

It’s amazing how a single expansion pack could generate so much buzz. Then again, this is the same game that’s played by more than 8 million people, respectively...and counting. In the press statement, there were some interesting tidbits that PAL region gamers might find interesting, as the expansion for the game launches at HMV Oxford Street, “Attending players will have the opportunity to have their games signed by World of Warcraft game designer Jon LeCraft, and Blizzard Vice President of Business Development, Itzik Ben Bassat. While stocks last, they will also have the option to purchase the highly limited Collector’s Edition of The Burning Crusade (including the game, a making-of DVD, a hardcover art book, an exclusive in-game netherwhelp pet, two World of Warcraft Trading Card Game card packs and three exclusive cards, a map of Outland mousepad, and a soundtrack audio CD).”

What’s more is that costume wearing gamers will be given special treatment. Don’t believe me? Straight from the release, it reads, “Players who attend in World of Warcraft costume, along with the first members of the public through the doors on the evening, will be eligible to register for a special in-game baby Murloc pet. Costumed players will receive preferential treatment in relation to the Collector’s Edition stock. Exclusive World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade T-shirts will also be available.”

...And if that’s still not enough (good gosh you WoW gamers get all the goodies), Upper Deck Entertainment will be showcasing in-store demonstrations of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

The official expansion pack for World of Warcraft will be available in Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand the same week, with availability in mainland China and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau to be announced at a later date. The expansion, The Burning Crusade, will also add a tremendous amount of new content to the game, including an entire new continent to explore; an increase in the level cap up to 70, complete with new talents and abilities; flying mounts; new quests, creatures, and items; new dungeons; two new playable races; a new profession; and more. For further information and details regarding the Burning Crusade expansion pack, you can visit the Official World of Warcraft Website.

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