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Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios have released some new screenshots for their upcoming ultra-violent sports simulators, Blood Bowl. The new screenshots were released to compliment the final two races in the game.

According to the press release, “Now we can reveal the two last races in the game. After the Orcs and Humans, Dwarfs and Lizardmen, Goblins and Skaven, today is the day for the Wood Elves and Chaos to show themselves and compete on the blood soaked field!”

The Wood Elves may not be as tough looking or rough as the Chaos team, but they sure to come fully equipped with cheerleaders that really help get the team ‘up’. And yes, in addition to the screenshots of the teams, there are a few screens of the cheerleaders, too. Anyway, the Wood Elves avoid violence using kung-fu agility and acrobatic maneuvers. The Chaos team is the exact opposite of the Wood Elves and engages in all kinds of gruesome on-field activity.

The game contains lots of strategy, field tactics and enough gore and brutality to satisfy any gamers’ want for unnecessary roughness. You can check out the new screenshots or learn more about the game by visiting the Official Blood Bowl Website.

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