The high definition format wars are officially over. Toshiba’s official withdrawal after the staggeringly bad time they had last week with numerous companies supporting the Blu-ray format from Sony is surely a breath of fresh air for plenty. Of course, the first one out of the bullpen to rub in the face of everyone who owns and HD-DVD player was Sony’s Jack Tretton.

In a smug move today Tretton said "The emergence of Blu-ray as the de facto high-def standard is one more reason why PS3 is a great value to consumers. The combination of strong sales, Blu-ray dominance and widely-anticipated games all point to 2008 as a breakthrough year for PS3." When said in a similar way last year, no one took Sony’s CEO seriously, but with the Blu-ray being the only game around, perhaps it’ll spell a little more success.

While EGM’s Argument may have been false based on reasoning, the announcement of a clear cut winner in the HD wars certainly makes the claim of PS3’s possible future dominance a little more palpable.

The question to be answered though, is if this dominance over HD - and conceivably next gen consoles - will be ethical, or another chance for Sony to fleece their customers. The PS3 is the cheapest way to watch Blu-ray discs. Unless prices drop on players, people who are strapped for cash when the forced HD jump occurs will either have to purchase a PS3 or do without movies and TV on DVD. A happening like this will of course put the PS3 through the roof and a declared winner of the console wars. Maybe it won’t be this year, but definitely down the line.

It would be unfortunate if this were what pushes the PS3 into the forefront instead of being laughed at by everyone. This would be the equivalent of pro-wrestling where the hero turns heel and wins the heavyweight title by smashing his opponent in the face with a steel chair. A system with the capacity of the PS3 and the incoming library deserves to stand a fighting chance in competition with the library of Xbox 360 and the casual play of the Wii, but to dominate through crushing something unrelated is just low.

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