Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference today Activision CEO Bobby Kotick pontificated on some things. Things that have to do with major franchises owned by the company. Remember all of our spectacular jokes about paladin’s with Guitar Hero controllers in the new World of Guitar Hero IV: Rocking All Over Kalimdor. Yeah, I wish I could forget it too. But Kotick does have some ideas on how some franchises could benefit from Blizzard’s extensive knowledge of the online space.

Kotick mentioned once again that it would take a half-billion bucks to battle WoW, and with the merger on the horizon Activision might look to the online megasaur for a way into the hearts and minds of gamers in China and Korea. On the list would be bringing Guitar Hero -- a franchise I’d think would already be blowing up huge out east, but they still have a disdain for western produced game products if not our 80s pop culture – which is a major seller for Activision already.

The other statement he made is in regards to the Call of Duty franchise, and it has gotten message boards in a tizzy. Kotick never said anything about doing an MMOG version of COD. He stated: ”When you think about other properties that we own and control like Call of Duty, and what would be the natural evolution of a property like Call of Duty into a massively multiplayer environment... How do you monetize that?"

How about we wait to see if Huxley can deliver a decent MMOFPS experience before proclaiming the awesomeness of this “announcement.”

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