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If there’s one constant in the world of video gaming besides EA always finding a way to screw gamers over, it's that Nintendo will always have Harvest Moon games and Bomberman games for their latest consoles. And marking the release of Bomberman Blast for the Wii and its WiiWare platform, there’s some brand new screenshots and a new trailer.

I’ve never understood the marketing tactics of Nintendo: wait to the last minute and then promote the game. Even though it makes very little sense, and even fewer gamers actually know about the game by the time it does releases, at least you can always count on Blend Games to pick up the slack.

The following screenshots showcase some of the game’s features, including the Story Mode – which will be included in the retail version – and the fan-favorite Battle Mode. You can currently look for Bomberman Blast on WiiWare for 1000 Wii Points. You can also visit the Official Website for more details and information.

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