Penny Arcade Adventures developer Hothead Games has announced that it will be bringing two highly regarded Xbox Live Arcade games, Braid and The Maw, to new audiences.

Hothead Games will partner up with Braid creator Jonathan Blow to create a Mac version of the time travel platformer. They've acquired the exclusive digital publishing rights for this upcoming version as well. It's the second port of Braid announced in as many weeks - last Tuesday, it was revealed that Braid would arrive on PC at the end of March.

In addition, Hothead will be bringing The Maw, a tender story about an alien and his insatiable pet blob, to the PC. Hothead promises that the game, originally developed by Twisted Pixel, will be available via multiple digital distribution networks.

"These two titles represent only the tip of the iceberg," said Hothead COO Joel DeYoung. "We're committed to working with indies and helping them be successful, so look for lots more announcements to come."

There's no mention in the press release of when we should expect either port or what the price point will be. The Maw and Braid made their debuts on Xbox Live Arcade in January 2009 and August 2008, respectively.

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