Time-travel platformer Braid debuted on Xbox Live Arcade this past summer to rave reviews. It was supposed to hit the PC at the end of 2008 but has obviously missed that mark. It should arrive by the end of the winter, though.

According to Braid designer Jonathan Blow's latest post on the game's official blog, he decided against a late 2008 release because of the crowded release market. "Once we slipped into mid-October and all the big Christmas-season blockbusters started coming out, it just seemed like a bad idea to schedule Braid for that time period, as it seems likely it’d get released and then disappear."

Can't argue with that. It's an amazing game but new IP's tend to get curb-stomped by big-time sequels no matter how good they are. Just ask Mirror's Edge.

Blows added that "we’re looking at a window of February-March 2009 for the PC release." Blow also states "in talks with someone" for a Mac version and that the game could come to PS3 if Sony expresses interest. Stay tuned for news on all that.

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