Brink won't arrive until Spring 2010 but Splash Damage is already looking beyond the first installment. According to Creative Director Richard Ham, the game could spawn a trilogy.

"If [players] are willing to take a chance, they will find that this becomes another landmark franchise they'll want to keep coming back to," Ham told Eurogamer. "I'm looking forward to Brink 2 and 3 as well - we already have big plans for that."

Brink is a first-person shooter with a twist: campaign missions can be played cooperatively with up to eight players on each side. The player's companions will be controlled by A.I. until another player takes over, similar to how Left 4 Dead's co-op works. Publisher Bethesda is very enthusiastic about the project as well, with Bethesda Europe managing director Sean Brennan describing it as a "killer app" earlier this year.

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