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Now, I know the outlandish storyline of Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock turned some people off (“The Devil goes down to Georgia”? Ugh!), but you gotta admit, the whole rock theme going straight to hell is a pretty interesting concept for a game.

And apparently, Tim Schafer, the psychopath behind the heavily ignored game, Psychonauts, thinks hell and rock and/or roll go hand in hand too, as his new game, Brutal Legend, which is set for a fall release, takes the concept to the extreme.

The concept is simple. A roadie named Eddie Riggs, played by – what’s that sound?! Jack Black – is blasted off to the Age of Metal. There, he’ll meet hordes of other headbangers including Ronnie James Dio and Lemmy Kilmister. Little else is known about the game (Heck, I just found out about it in a tiny little paragraph in the latest issue of EGM), but from the brief screenshots in the magazine, the game looks sick.


Cinemablend games will fill you in with more face melting details when they rock and roll (Sorry, I can’t help the pun machine sometimes) our way.

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