Atari, in association with Japanese publisher AQ Interactive, have been desperately working to localize and ship Bullet Witch to North American retailers. Well, finally the game has gone gold and it will be living the shelf life come February 27th. Now let’s just hope they got all the bugs out of those pesky demons.

Japanese native developers, Cavia, have been hard at work on this exclusive J-Action game for the Xbox 360. So it looks like the demon-busting babe Alicia will finally get a chance to shine her bullets on North American consoles. Set in the year 2013, demons are over-running human civilizations and it’s up to the mysteriously dangerous Alicia to put an end to it all. The game was already released late last year in Japan for the Xbox 360, and seems to have faired well enough to make it across the pond.

"Bullet Witch flaunts exactly what next-generation gaming is all about with more destructible environments and stunning visual effects, coupled with a captivating storyline," said Jeremiah Cohn, Product Manager, Atari, Inc. "Cavia has made a slew of enhancements in both the European and US versions to deliver an extremely exciting game."

"It's been a great pleasure for us working on this project with Atari, and we're very excited about the release of Bullet Witch in North America and Europe," said Naohiko Hoshino, Executive Vice President of AQ Interactive Inc. "How well the critically acclaimed Japanese title will be accepted in the leading countries of Third Person Shooting games is going to be a litmus test, and we consider it a challenge as well. We've been working on our upcoming titles and are looking forward to continuing to introduce those high-quality games to the global market in the future."

"Bullet Witch shows a unique world-view with the combination of reality and fantasy through its guns and magical powers," said Tohru Takahashi, Producer, Cavia Inc. "Also, by using the physics engine, we were able to have glitzy effects in the game as well. We hope players will enjoy Alicia's magical power to blow up cars and enemies and experience all the elements that are impossible in the real world, and we hope the overseas game fans are looking forward to this unique title."

After the game launches gamers will get special content via Xbox Live’s Marketplace. Such items include a new costume for Alicia along with new revised levels. For further information regarding the release of Bulletwitch for the Xbox 360 in North America, you can visit a href=>Atari’s Official Website.

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