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Bungie released a new developer documentary from the X10 event and it primarily focuses on how Halo: Reach will now look like a game that partly belongs in this generation of gaming.

Let’s face it, Halo 3 looked like crap to be considered “next-gen”…it barely looked like it graduated from the visuals of the original Xbox. This is despite fanboys protesting otherwise.

Anyway, Bungie has finally brought the visuals of the Halo series up to par with maybe, the first Mass Effect. So at least die-hard fans of the sci-fi shooter can brag to their PS3 rivals that they have a Halo that at least looks two years behind the competition. Reach is still no KillZone 2, though. Word of advice to Bungie: only brag about the graphics of a game when it looks better than the competition.

You can check out the new dev doc below (via GameTrailers) or visit the Official Website for more information. Halo: Reach is due out this fall for the Xbox 360 and will not be supporting Natal.