Ah Burnout, how we love your pretty cars and massive wrecks. EA has released a new trailer for the upcoming fifth installment of the series, Burnout Paradise. The first true next-gen (or current gen if you want to be technical about it) Burnout game features the breakneck speeds and fiery crashes we’ve come to know, but now every intersection in Paradise City is rife with crash potential. You can team up with online friends to go on rampages, and they can join you at any time. Just pull up to a red light, honk, and wreak havoc.

We have the latest trailer for you below, which features the Montgomery Hawker. A sexy vehicle that looks good rolling down the road. Don’t believe us? Take a glance at the car in multiple camera angles as it cruises around Paradise City for proof. While you’re at it, there are some new screenshots showcasing the Hawker. Speeding around town and causing pileups has never been so cool.

The trailer and screens are just a quick scroll away, you should get to gawking.

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