The results are in, the people have spoken and we’re tired of the number and letter combination of ‘E’ and ‘3'. So without further ado, we here at CB Games present to you the game that we thought deserved to win as the Best Overall Game of E3 2007, and it just so happens to be the same game you all voted for; it’s none other than Mass Effect.

Throughout E3 we have seen good games, bad games, lame games, beautiful games, kick-butt games and gamer games. We acknowledged the good and gave endless spite to the bad, and when the dust was cleared it was Mass Effect that we agreed was a straight-through class act of this year’s E3 summit. But instead of us declaring it so, we let the readers decide and you voted the same as we did...for Mass Effect. Now this is not to say that there weren’t other games that didn’t do their part to captivate and make gamers salivate, because a couple of other titles did do just that. Namely, I’m talking about the runner-up for this year’s Best Overall Game of E3, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot.

Even though BioShock followed closely behind MGS4, it appears it was Snake and his camouflaging techno-armor (amongst a cast of other colorful characters) that continually captured the hearts of Kojima’s loyal followers. New screenshots and an updated trailer definitely helped convey to gamers that progress is being made (unlike Too Human) and that there’s a lot to look forward to with the game. This is, likewise, the exact same scenario with our winner and champ, Mass Effect.

It’s truly impressive how Bioware effectively showed gamers everything they needed to see when they needed to see it, directly after the game was officially announced. The PR worked wonders in coalition with the developers and the results have been nothing short of exhilarating, especially at this year’s E3 summit. The deep space, RPG-adventure game by BioWare is considered by many as a truly evolved version of the beloved Knights of the Old Republic RPG. In reality, it’s actually much, much more. But look, this isn’t a preview of the game; we have plenty of those. We’re just informing you of which game you voted for as the Best Overall Game of E3, and we here at CB Games couldn’t have agreed more with your choice. Thanks to all of you who voted and thank you Bioware for making a great showing at this year’s E3 business and media summit.

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