If you haven’t heard of CM4 it’s because they’re a fairly new company aiming to reach consumers with a contemporary smorgasbord of I’m-too-cool-to-leave-fingerprints-on-my-gaming-device covers. A complete line-up of the new-age Catalyst accessories are currently available for gamers looking to add a little panache to their gaming lifestyle.

Director of Marketing for CM4, Jon Ray, commented about the new line-up of stylistic cover designs, stating that…
We're starting a trend where gaming goes mainstream with high-end, stylish products. By stylish we're aiming at consumers who truly appreciate fashion and contemporary style that matches the lifestyle of a more sophisticated gamer.

A series of instructional videos were also released to help acquaint on-the-go gamers as well as stay-at-home gamers on how to use the covers and what sort of device protection they offer. You can check out the series of vids for the CM4 Wii-mote, DSi and PSP covers over at YouTube.

For those with a high-sense of fashionista, you can head on over to the Official CM4 Website to order the gaming accessories of your choice, or just scope out the site with its contemporary young-people flair.

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