The third video features generic team deathmatch. The map is slightly largely than the typical Call of Duty arenas and actually sports some ins and outs for players to manipulate. There's even a quick clip of some players manning their mandibles as a playable K-9, doing their duty as a dog of war.

The team deathmatch is obviously the least entertaining just because it's so frantically hard to follow and there's no real narrative to the player bouts at all, just mostly lots of running and gunning. I'm just amazed that this style of gameplay with these kind of limitations are still as popular as they are. With so many games – especially FPS and TPS titles – iterating to include all sorts of interesting and dynamic gameplay mechanics it seems like a continued step backward whenever Call of Duty is engaged. Check it out below.

The videos above are all courtesy of YouTube user BWN Games. Ghosts is set for release this November for every major game console and platform. You can learn more by visiting the official website.

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