LinkedIn, like Twitter, has become an unexpected source of news over the past year. Thanks to the best networking site, we now know that Call of Duty 7 is in development.

Treyarch animator David Kim's LinkedIn page (via Blue) mentions that he's currently working on Call of Duty 7. Modern Warfare 2, though not being released under the Call of Duty brand, is apparently still considered the sixth game in series.

It may strike you as premature for Treyarch to already be creating the sequel to a game that's not even out yet but bear in mind that MW2 is being created by a different studio (Infinity Ward) and a new COD comes out every year. MW2 will arrive in stores in November 2009 and that means COD7 will probably be released in November 2010. Not that far away, really.

The only other bit of information we've heard about COD7 thus far was a rumor about a Cold War setting. If Treyarch intend to leave World War II behind with this game, they'll need all the time they can get.

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