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Activision's made quite a bit of money by releasing one Call of Duty every holiday for the past half-decade. However, it seems they're exploring ways to squeeze even more money from the franchise.

The LA Times, citing a source close to Activision, states that the company is exploring the possibility of making a "massively multi-player online world" based on Call of Duty. I'm picturing something a bit like PlanetSide, with large factions of players fighting over territories across a large world. It would likely be funded by a monthly subscription fee.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick discussed a COD MMO early 2008. It's not a huge surprise to see the idea rear its head once again in the aftermath of Modern Warfare 2's record-breaking release. It seems like their current business model for the series is working just fine but Activision's never been the sort to rest on their laurels if there's extra money to be made off a popular brand. After all, they released like five Guitar Hero games this year.

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