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Any time new information comes straddling across the press wires, every game site and their cousin has a story up about it. However, whenever exclusive content trickles in from a site or two, it’s rare that the news receives any sort of mention. Well, this time a few things have been uncovered from a new hands-on preview regarding Chronicles of Riddick, and it’s all good.

TheGameReviews recently put up a hands-on preview of Assault on Dark Athena and further detailed the mechanics of the multiplayer and gameplay. While the shooting is standard-fare (based on the preview) the weapon handling is balanced in the single-player mode by having finger-printed weapons. Yeah, it’s just like those experimental weapons on Jagged Alliance 2 that wouldn’t let anyone use the gun except for the person who the finger-print ID belonged to. In this way, the gun-play takes a backseat to the stealth and melee tactics.

Regarding the shooting, it’s not all restrictive and quarantined, though; players can still use dead soldiers to fire weapons and open doors by dragging them around or using them as body-shields. Another neat thing brought out in the preview is the new multiplayer mode called Pitch Black. The feature will see a group of players manning guns and hunting down another player who will control Riddick. It’s like Juggernaut on Halo or Predator mode on Far Cry.

You can learn more about the game by checking out the full hands-on preview at TheGameReviews, or by visiting the Official Website. For more gaming news, updates and information, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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