Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution may have been ironically canceled – or more accurately put on hold – for the Wii. But over on the DS, PS3 and Xbox 360 side things have continued on as normal. We also received word earlier today that the game has been blessed with a release date. You’ll get your Civ on starting June 3rd.

Civilization Revolution is an all-new game in the strategy series that was built expressly for console play. Players who have never had the pleasure of playing a Sid Meier game because they’re afraid of game installs on PC can have their chance soon. I’m personally not a huge fan of games that require a lot of strategery. Although I did paradoxically play a ton of Risk as a child.

In any case we have screenshots below from the DS and Xbox 360 versions of Sid Meier’s Civilizatoin Revolution for your oogling pleasure.

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