So you’re having a new baby, eh? Well, if you happen to be a gamer you might want to check this article out, thoroughly. Codemasters has a new event underway that could reward parents for naming their kid ‘Jason’. So what’s the reward? A year’s worth of video games for the console of your choice.

According to an article on LucidLan, they are reporting that Codemasters is on a campaign to ‘Bring back Jason’. I’m not entirely sure why it’s so important, but they will be featuring editorials running at the Official Bring Back Jason Website.

“These days, babies names are influenced by celebrities – and there aren’t that many famous Jasons any more,” says Richard Eddy, Director of Communications, Codemasters. “We hope our Rise of the Argonauts hero can act as a ‘virtual’ star, encouraging new parents to rejuvenate this one-great English name. Jasons, friends of Jasons, and anyone interested in onomastics should keep an eye on the blog over the coming weeks, as we document our quest to re-populate the nation with Jasons.”

Talk about a real-life flamewar campaign for a name. Hmph, and you guys complain about our antics here at Blend Games. Soon you’ll have people saying “Peter is just as good a name as Jason!” And other people exclaiming, “Why not Mary? Why does it have to be a boy name?!” Yep, thank you Codemasters for the name flamewar that will ensue.

You can register to win the year supply of games by sending a copy of the baby’s birth certificate, complete with the name ‘Jason’ to: [email protected]

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