The Nod Stealth Tank is one of the coolest units in the Command and Conquer universe so it's no surprise that EA's bringing it back for Command and Conquer 4. Today they released new information and media about the new version of the stealth tank that will be stalking battlefields across the globe.

The fourth generation Stealth Tank has four treads instead of the usual three, allowing it to support the added weight of heavy armor. Its cloaking device, which renders the tank invisible to the naked eye when it's not firing its rocket launchers, remains partly active in combat so as to confuse enemy sensors. As a result, they're a hard target to hit. The tanks can be upgraded with stealth bubble technology as well, allowing them to render other friendly units invisible as well.

C&C4 is due on March 16th exclusively for the PC. Pre-order customers receive exclusive access to the beta.

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