The average price of an LCD PC monitor is around $350 for something relatively new and high-end. You can sometimes bargain-bin your way into finding something around the $200 price range that offers up some good visual performance from a monitor, but the problem is that these monitors aren’t easily compatible with gaming consoles. Westinghouse Digital, however, has a solution for both PC gaming and console gaming and it’s called the SK-32H635S LCD HDTV and it will be available this June.

In a recent press release regarding the new television, it was announced that it would feature all the high-end functionality of overly-expensive LCD HDTVs, but will retail for the suggested price of $429.99.

Yep, this bad boy will include high-contrast ratios for your Splinter Cell and Velvet Assassin games -- which feature a lot of dark corners and low saturation -- and aimed to make every shadow-induced hue stand out with picture-perfect clarity. It also contains 720p/1080i output for all your Resistance 2 and KillZone 2 high-resolution visual effects. To top it all off there are multiple inputs available for high-definition devices, including an HDMI output for PS3 and Xbox 360 Elite gamers who really feel like crystal-clear resolutions are the only way to game.

A complete list of the SK-32H635S features are below. You can visit the Official Westinghouse Digital Website for further information about the HDTV, which is due out this June. For more gaming hardware, insight, news and information, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

The SK-32H635S features:

• 720p/1080i resolution HDTV with ATSC/NTSC/ClearQAM tuner
• Super-wide 176-degree viewing angle
• High 2500:1 contrast ratio
• Fast 6.5ms response time – making it perfect for gaming
• DayBright technology for optimal daytime or nighttime viewing
• Energy Star 3.0 compliant and packaged in a recyclable carton
• Two built-in speakers
• MSRP of $429.99

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