Vogster hasn’t given up on CrimeCraft in hopes that gamers don’t give up on it. And while the initial game that launched during this time last year wasn’t all that impressive, you have to admit that the game, as it stands today, is a much different beast. The new August update for CrimeCraft adds a nice plethora of upgrades to some features while adding completely new things as well, like weapons.

In addition to the patch release, there will be a number of events available for guilds (or gangs) in the game, so trigger happy gamers can put those twitch skills to use against other trigger happy gamers with twitch skills.

Additional updates in the patch include hair, face and clothing options, as well as dismemberments to deaths from explosives, knives and certain guns…whoa, that’s snazzy. The complete list of the patch notes can be at the Official Website.

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