Criterion Games announced this week that a playable demo of their hotly anticipated racer, Burnout Paradise, is due to arrive on December 13th through Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network. The fifth entry into the series introduces an entirely new open-ended approach to the gameplay, allowing players to explore a virtual city (Paradise City, that is) and discover numerous racing events, crash challenges and generally anything and everything that will allow them to take a stunning $100,000 automobile and turn it into a barely recognizable mess of twisted metal and glass.

While the demo only features a small amount of the overall map to explore, the full-version will offer miles upon miles of crash-tacular city to navigate and smash around in. Due on January 22nd, Criterion will deliver the full-version of the high-octane crash-fest on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with development actually leading on the PS3. Put a notch on Sony’s bedpost.

You can stare at the demo countdown over at Criterion’s website.

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