MMO gaming isn’t getting any easier (and my fingers aren’t getting any younger), so Cyber Snipa decided to make an easy solution for this with their stylized Warboard keyboard. Yep, it’s not just a keyboard, it’s designed so you can bring the action to the competition. Customizable macro software and replaceable keys makeup for what’s bound to be a butt-kicking keyboard.

“The Team at Cyber Snipa has a long-standing, proud tradition of bringing PC gamers high quality, innovative, and unique gaming products and peripheral devices. The new Warboard gaming keyboard is no exception,” states Gavin Bernstein, Director of Sales and Marketing for Cyber Snipa. “The Warboard will truly revolutionize the gaming experience. The unique Macro-Force software, removable custom keys and sleek ergonomic design all work to ensure a competitive advantage for the novice and professional PC gamer alike.”

Well, he’s definitely right about the Macro-Force software and the removable custom keys...who wouldn’t want an MP5 icon replacing the forward slash key? Really?! Anyway, gamers can custom-program key combinations, mouse-movements or even a series of key presses all into one of the ten “physical” macro buttons. I can’t tell you how useful that would be in a game like EVE or Anarchy.

There’s also an anti-Windows button, appropriately called a Windows key lock, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally minimizing the game during those intense moments leading up to a frag. Considering, of course, that the frag was yours for the taking. Otherwise, if the Windows button was pressed while you were trying to steal-kill then you deserved it. Really.

You can check out a list of the features for the Warboard below along with a screenshot, or visit the Official Cyber Snipa Website for more information and details. The Warboard carries the suggested retail price of $69.99.

The Warboard Features:

• A sleek “Armor Plate” finish, offers a unique anti-ghosting key architecture and responsive tactile key feedback, which all work to guarantee top-of-the-line performance and to deliver the best gaming experience possible to the user.

• Macro-Force software allows users to automate in-game actions. This software allows gamers to set the macro keys as hotkeys for any combination or sequence of keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks that the user desires.

• The Warboard includes a full set of 17 replaceable combat keys.

• The Warboard has a windows key lock button that essentially deactivates the windows key -- a must-have for all gamers.

• The Warboard retail box comes with the Warboard keyboard, a palm rest, an instruction manual with warranty, a CD installation disk, 17 replacement combat keys and a key removal tool.

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