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When Wii became the casual gamers must have system, everyone expected that a DDR game was on the way (if they actually cared enough to wonder.) However, Konami isn’t content to sit on it’s laurels and watched another rehashed edition of its original formula rake in the millions. No sirree bob, initial playtests show that there are a slew of new features being added that have never been seen before.

Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party will be the biggest leap forward for the series since its conception. It will take full advantage of many of the innovations present in the Wii-mote. Step one in any game starting out on Wii is including function-friendly antics of the Wii-mote. DDRHP accomplishes this by adding even more shimmies and shakes and by extension, tons more groove-thang. The Wiimote will be used for a number of different maneuvers, the only one confirmed though is a maraca-esque shaking of the Wii-mote and Nunchuck. A lot of ideas are being kicked around the office, including waving move, but the maraca move is the only implemented so far.

Hottest Party will support four players via split screen if you can manage to assemble that many dance mats. The track listings remain a secret. This looks like another positive step for Wii in its’ quest to dominate the party game genre.