Those slothy coach-potatoes you call “kids” that lazily flipping through TV stations all day will finally have a sure-fire way to keep their uninspired butts in shape. Konami has announced that they have partnered with NexGym, the high energy gym for kids, to help pesky younglings get into better shape.

Konami isn’t saying your kids are fat, but constant shortness of breath, lacking energy, and a broken scale are pretty much dead-on indicators of saying your kid is fat. No worries, though. Konami’s partnership with Nexgym will provide current and future locations of the kid’s gym with Dance Dance Revolution.

“This agreement with Nexgym is the latest in a series of partnerships including the State of West Virginia public school system and 24 Hour Fitness, to showcase the health benefits of using Dance Dance Revolution,” said Clara Gilbert, Director of Business Partnerships at Konami Digital Entertainment. “DDR and Nexgym are a perfect fit, delivering an unparalleled mix of fitness and fun that get kids as young as 3 years old off the couch and playing to stay in shape.”

What’s more is that tournaments and special events will be held for kids to participate in...showcasing their skills in the popular interactive dance game. Nexgym currently has locations open in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and anticipates opening more than 10 new franchises in Texas and major cities in other states in 2007.

“Joining the health and fitness benefits of DDR with the environment of a Nexgym is an unbeatable combination in helping kids stay in shape while having fun,” said Kevin Bolden, President, Nexgym Franchising Corporation. “By placing DDR in Nexgym locations we strive to help kids achieve their fitness goals in a non-intimidating and fun way.”

For further information regarding Dance Dance Revolution, you can visit Konami’s Official Website. And for further details regarding Nexgym, locations and other information, you can visit the Official NexGem Website.

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