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Some might think that Greed would probably be the lamest, most uninteresting dev doc and level of the game. However, this is probably the most disturbing development documentary for Dante's Inferno as it explains why Dante has the crusader symbol literally stitched into his chest and how he’s not the good guy that he was in the original poem.

It’s a little scary thinking that this is being made into a movie simply because we all know how Hollywood has handled video game adaptations in the past. This is especially considering that the story seems pretty intense and a big far cry from the original material.

Speaking of original material, the developers took a big leap from poem in which Dante was guided through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven being guided by an angel. Dante basically put himself in the shoes, er…sandals of Enoch in which he was always guided through Hell in the same way and was frightened out of his wits the entire way through. Nevertheless, this time around Visceral Games has changed it up by alleviating the angel from the story and making Dante a badass through and through.

As you’ll see in the following documentary, Dante is actually the kind of guy who belongs and in Hell but does a mighty fine job of kicking the crap out of everything he comes across in his great fantastic journey.

You can learn more about Dante’s Inferno by visiting the Official Website. The game is due out in February of 2010 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. For more gaming news, info and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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