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For all you 8-bit, retro side-scrolling, arcade gamers out there longing for something other than Mega Man 10 to play can check out Dark Void Zero for PC and the iPhone. Capcom announced today that the NES game that never-was is now available for the low-low price of $2.99 for the iPhone and $5 for PC.

According to the press release…
In this critically acclaimed 8-bit re-imagining of the Dark Void console release, you play as Rusty, warrior test-pilot and Nikola Tesla’s trusted friend. With the help of your state-of-the-art rocket pack, blast through three deliciously retro levels of baddies in your quest to close Portal X and save the human race!

The game features a few things not present on the DS rendition, such as earning achievements via OpenFeint on the iPhone and Steam for PC. All new leaderboards are also present for those who like to keep track of how much 8-bit butt they kick.

For more info be sure to head to the Official Capcom Unity Website.

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