Several retailers offered free bonus outfits with Dead Rising 2 pre-orders. Capcom will be making these outfits available to the public for $1.99 (160 MS Points) a pop.
  • Psychopath Pack (Oct 12) - Chuck earns damage bonus when using "horror movie" weapons, like chainsaws, cleavers, axes, and machetes.
  • Soldier of Fortune Pack (Oct 19) - Increases Chuck's deadliness with all firearms.
  • Sports Pack (Oct 26) - Chuck can use sport-themed weapons more effectively. He's also a better gambler and doesn't get sick from drinking too much
  • Ninja Pack (Nov 2) - Zombies are much less likely to detect Chuck's presence. He receives bonuses when throwing items at enemies or when wielding a sword.
Pictures of each outfit are below.

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