The debut trailer for Dead Space: Extraction, a prequel to the PS3/Xbox 360/PC survival horror game coming to the Wii, suggested that it was on-rails like, say, Virtua Cop. It's not a rail shooter, though - it's a "Guided First Person Experience."

Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of Extraction explained the meaning of "Guided First Person Experience" to MTV Multiplayer: "The player will be presented with many choices as they play the game, ranging from which path they wish to explore to maneuvering in Zero-G."

Papoutsis added that you'll aim and dismember Necromorphs with your Wiimote. The Stasis and Telekinesis modules will be making their return for Extraction and will be controlled via Wiimote as well. Come to think of it, tossing boxes around with a Wiimote does sound a lot more fun than doing it with a control pad. The game's due in Fall 2009.

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