Dead Space studio Visceral Games's mysterious third project has been revealed. According to a recent trademark filing, they're going to make a game based on Jack the Ripper.

The filing, spotted by superannuation, states that the game's title is "The Ripper." They're also attempting to trademark it for a film as well. Makes sense, considering they want to bring Dante's Inferno to the big screen too.

To confirm that "The Ripper" really refers to Saucy Jack, superannuation dug up this excerpt from recent LA times article:
"...two sources close to EA told The Times that Visceral's next game would be Jack the Ripper, based on the 19th century British serial killer. It's not clear what the game would involve, but it's a natural follow-up of sorts to Dante's Inferno, which is also based on copyright-free historical material."

There's been no official word from Visceral Games or parent company EA about this yet. In the mean time, we're left to ponder whether it would be more fun to play as Jack the Ripper or as the police officer hunting him (or both?).

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