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Atlus informed the gaming community at large that one of the hardest and most critically acclaimed action-RPGs for the PS3 has joined the ranks of a greatest hit. This means that eager gamers who didn’t have the cash to buy Demon’s Souls at its $59.99 price point can now pick the game up for only $29.99.

Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Atlus shared a few thoughts about the Greatest Hits status, stating that…
“Very few games reach the esteemed PlayStation 3 system Greatest Hits status," … "Those that do are among the very finest the platform has to offer, combining critical success, tremendous popularity, and exceptional quality. Demon's Souls represents some of the biggest risks, loftiest goals, and most daring innovations ever embarked upon by a developer. Its arrival into the exclusive ranks of PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits validates its designers' achievements and helps bring their unique vision to a larger audience”

The game became renowned for its difficulty and challenging gameplay. It’s also a very visually distinctive title that sets itself apart from the standard hack-and-slash crowd. The greatest hits rendition of Demon’s Souls will be arriving at local retailers soon. Need more info? Feel free to learn more by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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