Familiar Faces
While the rest of the world has changed, it looks like at least one thing has remained the same: Mankind’s enemies. I was only resurrected about an hour ago and already I’ve come across dozens of Fallen and Hive parasites. The former march around with military precision while the latter lurk in the shadows, barely more than wild animals.

What are they after? Why are they still here? What can I possibly do to stop them?

I suppose I’ve already answered that last question, as my aim is as sharp as it’s ever been and these monsters are as allergic to bullets as they were when I last fought them. The Hive melt away to bone and ash when I shove my knife into their skulls and the Fallen give off a satisfying electric burst when I line up my scope with their forehead and pull the trigger. They keep coming, though, and I need to find a way out of this city. This GhostMy Ghost, I suppose—says that humanity hasn’t given up the fight just yet. There’s still a city where a rebellion flourishes. At the heart of that city is the Tower, which is where I will learn my role in this whole mess. If it means I get to kill more of this alien scum, then I’ll happily highjack a transport, fly to the Tower and play my part.

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