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Blizz-Con 2008 has begun today and one of the games being proudly shown off is Diablo 3. Console gamers shouldn't ignore the news about this game, though, because the action RPG might hit your gaming platforming of choice someday, too.

In an interview with ShackNews, Blizzard President Mike Morhaime didn't state that a console version was on the way but he did leave the door wide open. "Every game we have the discussion about which platforms make the most sense. As Diablo 3 takes shape, I think we'll do an evaluation."

Added Morhaime: "I think there is a pretty good argument to be made that that type of game might work very well on consoles." ORLY? Diablo 3 on a console? The control scheme's certainly simple enough for a console port. There's precedent, too; the first Diablo appeared on PSOne a year after it debuted on the PC. We're still a long way from Diablo 3's release so there's plenty of time for this story to develop. Stay tuned.

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