PMang's upcoming third-person shooter, Dizzel, mimics a lot of what made Epic's Unreal Engine powered sci-fi action game, Gears of War, a smash hit. This means that gamers can wall-hug, blindfire, and use an assortment of melee weapons to brutally punish enemies.

Dizzel is running on the Vision Engine and is currently going through closed-beta over in Korea. I’m sure this is one of the reasons why Epic decided to open up shop over there and cut in on all the cash flowing in and out of the MMO market using the Unreal technology.

As for Dizzel, the graphics look pretty sweet and the gameplay pace seems intense. For those of you questioning exactly how this game comes across as another clone for Gears of War, be sure to check out the gameplay video below from the recent closed-beta session.

For now, the official website is only in Korean but be sure to stay tuned in for a North American release date.

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