Night was nearly upon me, but I was also mad with hunger, and so sought out the largest collection of rocks I could find while the sun still gave me light by which to work. To eat, I must hunt. To hunt, I must craft a spear. To craft a spear, I must find that mysterious ore and, to find that ore, I am convinced that I must dig for it.

The world was different now, as if some part of that madness from the other side of the hole had followed me back. Darkness set in before I could build my fire and, in that briefest of moments, a howl exploded in the night and I was torn with agony. Something had attacked me, but I blindly built my fire and breathed a sigh of relief as the light pushed back the shadows.

To my dismay, I discovered that I was no longer alone. In the shadows, just out of reach of my fire's meager light, hungry eyes watcedh me from the darkness. More eyes appeared as I chipped away at the surrounding rocks, quickly feeding my fire each time the light began to flicker, threatening to leave me to the eyes and whatever monstrosities they belong to.

Finally, daylight came, and I was once again alone in this world.

I feel my mind is slipping...

The creatures that hunted me in the night, I swear they are with me still in the daylight, lurking just on the fringes of my reality. They are lurking shapes, like ghosts, yet I know these ghosts have teeth. Teeth that, in the darkness, will find me.

My search for supplies, shelter or another living soul have proven fruitless. My stomach screams with hunger, my wounds from the night before still smart, and I am still lost; utterly lost in this waking hell.

Night will be upon me soon, and still I run. I run and I run and I run, hoping to find something of use. Something that will help me survive.

I manage to build a fire before the final rays of the sun’s warming light depart, leaving me once again to the horrific sounds and staring eyes in the darkness. I haven’t enough fuel to keep my fire burning through the night and, as it finally shrinks to nothingness, I fall back on a trusty torch, using its miniscule flame to guide me forward.

In my desperation, I begin lighting trees on fire to push back the monsters which hunt me. But I am a fool…I have set the surrounding brush ablaze and, with it, my human flesh.

I burn without screaming, suddenly aware that this is the end. At least the monsters will enjoy a warm meal.

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