Rehearsals and Returns
I have to say, this has got to be one of the most hipster indie games I've ever had the pleasure of coming across. It's so hipster that you actually talk to dead people. It's so hipster that it made tree huggers look like Wall Street brokers. It's so hipster that the backgrounds in the game look like they were painted with a hash brush. It's so hipster that even Mario came to ask the developers where he could get some of those shrooms. If this game's hippiness has you feeling the love, then feel free to share that love by voting up the game over on the Official Greenlight page.

Dead Years
Here's an interesting game that sees players taking on the role of a survivor in the apocalyptic wasteland with their pet dog. Yep, Call of Duty: Ghosts style. The game's difficulty is cranked up pretty high, though, as players have to deal with extremely hostile and hard-to-kill zombies. The game's open-world survival structure and focus on player-character development and advancement helps set it apart from other games in the genre like 7 Days to Die or State of Decay. If you're digging what they're selling, you can up-vote the game and favorite it over on the Official Greenlight page

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