Conspiracy Entertainment Europe announced this week that they will be publishing the latest Dragon’s Lair game on the Nintendo DS. The series, which included original artwork by animator Don Bluth, made its mark on videogames by being the first to be offered on optical media when it released in 1983. The new DS version will include that classic arcade version and an updated Director’s Cut.

There have been a number of Dragon’s Lair games released, and the distinctive Bluth style is seen on them all. Actually, the horrible Zelda games for the Phillips CD-I used a similar tactic in offering visuals for a game. OK, so there probably isn’t a worse comparison that could be made, but the game looks like an animated film. For the 1983 Arcade mode Conspiracy Entertainment is keeping the game exactly as you remember it. All of the artwork, death scenes, and compromised gameplay mechanics will remain in the title.

”This is such an important gaming franchise it left its mark on a generation. People still recall when they first saw Dragon’s Lair and having to pay an incredible 50 cents per play!” said Lead Programmer & Executive Producer, Hans Olsen of United Coders. ”We talked long and hard with the original creators of Dragon’s Lair - Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and Rick Dyer – they were so impressed with our vision for these titles, that we now have these gaming gems to bring to this new format.”

If you’re not interested in playing the game as your dad remembers, the Director’s cut will feature updated options that improve the gameplay and add support for rumble, stylus control, and voice recognition.

Dragon’s Lair for the DS is set to release in the 1st quarter of 2008. The 1991 sequel, Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp, will release sometime later.

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