News hit the wire letting every gamer out there know that Duke Nukem Forever’s demo and Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition will be arriving on OnLive. Gamers who purchase the full play-pass for the GotY edition of Borderlands will be rewarded with automatic priority access to the Duke Nukem Forever demo, once it becomes available.

As stated in the press release…
This GotY edition combines the main version of the game, which many of you have been enjoying on OnLive for months now, along with all 4 expansion packs available to date ("The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned," "Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot," "The Secret Armory of General Knoxx" and "Claptrap's New Robot Revolution").

Of course, you’ll need a fairly beefy connection to the net in order to use OnLive. If your PC doesn’t meet the standard operating requirements be sure to stay tuned in for updates and info on when the TV MicroConsole and gamepad will become available. And don’t forget that OnLive no longer has any monthly fees to use the service. For more info be sure to head on over to the Official OnLive Website.

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