More Mass Effect news coming at you. This time we bring you the official Mass Effect trailer from E3 2007. This graphical power-house is not only a new game with big new features, but it’s also one of the very best new hybrid-genres to hit the market since the original Omikron. BioWare has really taken huge steps in blurring the lines between an action game, a role-playing adventure and an epic space saga.

Yet one of the things I just can’t get over when looking at anything from Mass Effect, is just how much detail BioWare put into the visual atmosphere of the game. From the characters’ faces and clothing to the weapons and aliens, everything just looks splendidly astounding. Not only that, but the fighting mechanics are so much more improved over anything we’ve seen from BioWare in the past. The shootouts are actually dynamic – something that was sufferably tolerable in Knights of the Old Republic – and the vehicles and planet settings just look breathtaking.

While some people are saying that the story mirrors the likes of Halo, it’s actually much more plot-driven and carries story elements that reach a lot farther than just the human race facing extermination. You can check out the trailer below and when you’re finished you can head on over to our E3 Coverage hub for more news and information updates.

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