Normally we don’t like to use other sources to help us in our gaming coverage, but this is one video that we couldn’t get ourselves as Gamespot was the only team crafty enough to steal a video.

This one came as a definite surprise to me as until now I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in the forthcoming Simpson game. I’m a long time fan of the series, but the game was always something I had assumed would slip into the bowels of mediocrity with nary a single maiden batting a lash. This new video changed all that for me, and when I saw the Lard Lad started blasting lazers all over the place, I knew these guys knew what they were doing.

Love and knowledge of the Simpson’s universe is one thing, but there is a major piece of this video that startles me. When Bart goes after Lard Lad’s weak spot, Comic Book Guy shows up with a sign that says, “Obvious Weak Point, One of thirty one cliché’s. You have found videogame cliché number 5.” It's a sort of collection side quest, sort of like Cog tags in Gears of War. While this shows good humor on their part by point out the faults in their own game humorously, it doesn’t change the fact that no less than thirty-one facets of the game are going to be completely contrived clichés. This doesn’t sit too well with me. Somehow giving the player an award that for all intents and purposes says, “Look, our boss battle is lame! Isn’t that cool/hilarious!?” Isn’t all that cool/hilarious.

Picture: Groundskeeper Willie, Mr. Burns, and Professors Frink watch on with apprehension as they fear their game will slip into mediocrity yet again.

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