After waiting for what seemed like forever, Microsoft has finally given Remedy the “go ahead” to start re-releasing assets for the Xbox 360 exclusive, Alan Wake. The game still doesn’t look all that appealing but I must admit that it shows major progress from where it was a few years ago.

Due out in spring 2010, Alan Wake will take players to the idyllic town of Bright Falls, which holds some frightening secrets. Because, really, without secrets what would an idyllic town be like? It would be nothing but a happy place to live…and that’s not a very fun place to be if it has to be a setting for a video game.

Anyway, combining elements of I Am Legend and The Omega Man, gamers will have to use light to their advantage in any way that they can. During the demonstration it looked like Alan was using a gun…I’m not sure how you shoot things that have no corporeal bodies but you got to give the guy some props for trying.

The official fact sheet (revised for like the twentieth time since the game has been announced) is below. You can visit Remedy Games Official Website for more info. For further E3 coverage, news, updates, insight and info, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

Alan Wake Fact Sheet

Intense psychological thriller. "Alan Wake" delivers a deeply psychological and finely crafted plot that raises the bar for storytelling in video games. The riveting story of "Alan Wake" is propelled by a movie-like atmosphere, compelling situations, memorable characters and real-time pacing. Remedy has a record of creating and developing games with unique cinematic presentation and exceptionally high production values.

Light as a combat element. As Wake journeys deeper into the mystery of Bright Falls, the shadows close in around him. When darkness descends, light becomes his only ally as he fights his way to daybreak. . This poses a severe problem for Alan Wake since his enemies seemingly gain strength from the shadows, and before long, light itself becomes his greatest ally. Players must skillfully combine their use of light with more conventional weapons to stand a chance.

Realistic, interactive environment. Set in the town of Bright Falls, the hyper-detailed environments of the Pacific Northwest play an important role; even the change in daylight and weather will profoundly affect the characters and enemies in "Alan Wake." The game's advanced rendering engine provides amazingly realistic environments that bring this world to detailed life — from the lush forest of evergreen trees to the quaint small-town buildings and streets. The world of "Alan Wake" is alive and real.

Episodic narrative. The mission-based structure of "Alan Wake" creates an episodic narrative similar to a deeply structured dramatic television series, such as Twin Peak and X-Files. As the episodes progress, gameplay will evolve to introduce new elements and characters, escalating the level of threat and action in the game.

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